CATV Corporate Governance

CATV Corporate Governance

4Cable TV International, Inc., (“CATV”) corporate governance means the board is providing that independent perspective as well as oversight to make sure that the interests of shareholders and the stakeholders more broadly are being appropriately balanced with the day-to-day actions and judgments of the management team. 

Coherent with CATV’s goal of bringing on-board independent and highly professional criteria the company has completed the hiring of two new members to the Board of Advisors. The company’s vision of becoming an influential player in the worldwide cannabis space requires hiring top talent. Therefore, Mr. Feldenkrais took it upon himself to find great talent in which to surround himself to grow this company in the industry of Cannabis. Two of the more important things needed in a regulated industry is compliance and regulations. As such, the company has hired top individuals in both these categories. First, the company has hired Mark Slaugh. Mark Slaugh is the CEO and founder of iComply; the oldest Cannabis Compliance Company in the United States. The second hire is Arthur A. Estopinan, a veteran player in the United States House of Representatives. Effective January 25, 2021 both individuals begin working for the company assisting 4Cable TV International to vet out the Mergers and Acquisitions and assist in the process of growing the company globally in the Cannabis Industry.

Mr. Slaugh established iComply, LLC in 2011, to help cannabis businesses navigate the complexities of regulated industry. He is an expert in Regulatory Affairs in Cannabis/Hemp Industry focused on driving down the cost, risk, and complexity for MMJ businesses and Governments following the letter of the law. Committed to advancing regulated marijuana businesses with the stewardship of responsibility and integrity. He believes that cannabis regulations and compliance do not have to be risky, costly, or difficult. His focus is on developing a compliant cannabis culture amid businesses and Governments following the letter of the law.  Mr. Slaugh is currently a Council Member of the National Cannabis Industry Association.  NCIA’s Policy Council is the cannabis industry’s policy “think tank,” leading the development of robust public policy recommendations for the state-legal cannabis industry. Policy Council members provide critical thought leadership in the form of recommendations on important policy matters that will shape the future of the cannabis industry for years to come. Since 2011, he has led the creation of industry standards, integrity, and excellence serving over 200 clients worldwide.

iComply develops and delivers top-notch corporate compliance training aimed at cannabis facility staff to create understanding and team accountability in staying compliant with the most regulated and sophisticated marijuana markets in the US. Through certification programs like Responsible Vendor, Responsible Manufacturing, Responsible Cultivation, and Comprehensive Compliance Training, they create a compliant workforce.

They also help regulators understand business challenges and assist law makers in responsible and reasonable policy at local and State levels. As long-term strategic partners, iComply is committed to conquering the challenges of marijuana and hemp legalization by working with dozens of rulemaking and legislative bodies of government.

Art Estopinan is a Senior Level International and Public Affairs Chief, who served the Former Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee with 27 years of service in the United States Congress. Currently in the private sector close to 5 years. He has in depth understanding of intangible economic and political infrastructures combined with firsthand government experience at the highest levels around the globe. Proven record of advancing important issues through the legislative process.